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Medix Ambulances

Medix offers a full lineup of Type I, Type II, and Type III ambulances.  Our manufacturing process provides an extremely strong, quiet modular body for every ambulance we produce.  Since our modular components are engineered to be CNC produced, the components are consistently repeatable, allowing for multiple unit purchases to be identical. Common components like doors, bumper frames, pods, and rub rails are common across multiple body designs and the CNC process creates components that are easily replaceable off-the-shelf and available for same day shipping (in almost every case) for warranty or service replacement.


type-i-metro-express-153Type I Ambulances: Type I ambulances are popular with municipal and volunteer Fire, EMS, and Rescue organizations. We currently offer a Metro Express 153 Type I on Ford “F” Series 169″WB and GM C or K Series 165″ WB chassis, MSV-II 170 Type I Ambulance on Ford “F” Series 193″WB and RAM 4500/5500 chassis and MSV-II 157 Type I Ambulance on Ford “F” Series 169″WB chassis and Dodge Ram 4500 chassis.




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Medix Type II Ambulances: Type II Ambulances are utilized by both private and municipal organizations for Advanced (ALS) and/or Basic (BLS) transportation services. Medix currently offers the SRH-148 and SRH-148AL models on the Ford 250 MR chassis.



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type-iii-msv-ii-170Type III Ambulances: Type III ambulances are commonly purchased for use by private and municipal organizations for both BLS and ALS Fire, EMS, and Hospital services. Type III ambulances currently offered by Medix include the RP-90ES, Metro Express 153, the Metro Express 166 and the MSV-II 170.




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