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Medix MSV-II 170 Type III Ambulance

Robust model design by Medix, the MSV-II 170 Type III ambulance can be used for practically any type of service application. Available on the Ford E-450 and the Chevy G-4500 cutaway, the Medix MSV-II 170 ambulance is most popular with hospital-based ALS, CCT, or MICU units; municipal or volunteer Fire crews; and EMS services running BLS or ALS services or rescue operations. Comfort and space are a given with 155” of room from bulkhead to the rear doors, 50” of aisle space, and 72” of headroom. With a static load test of 74,000+ lbs., the MSV-II 170 ambulance is designed to provide a safe environment for years of robust, dependable service.




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Quick Glance Standard Specifications
Chassis Ford E-450 Chevy G-4500
Wheel Base 158″ 159″
Engine 6.8 L V-10 Gas 6.0 L Gasoline
Transmission Automatic 6-Speed TorqShift Automatic 6-Speed
Module Length 170″ 170″
Module Width 96″ 96″
Aisle Width 49″ 49″
Module Headroom 72″ 72″
GVWR 14,500 14,200
Safety and Size Are Unmatched in the MSV-II 170 Ambulance

AT 170” in length, the Medix MSV-II 170 ambulance has the longest modular body constructed by Medix Specialty Vehicles. As an investment towards safety and durability, the MSV-II 170 featuring seamless side and rear walls, as well as solid body welding to connect the side, front and rear walls along the floor and ceiling. This manufacturing processes provides a flat, smooth finish that does not require additional body work.

Safety and durability don’t stop there. The use of state of the art adhesives (methacrylate and high strength urethane) eliminates the use of VHB tape and provides a more stable and consistent bond. Single pieces of the build are CNC cut and welded to create a fully formed door component that does not rely on aluminum extrusions and provides a structural environment that exceeds that of formed caps over extrusions. The MSV-II 170 also utilizes TriMark next generation “free-floating”, chrome paddle handles with slip resistant application on the interior of paddles for another stride towards safety during the everyday workload of an emergency vehicle.

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