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Join Our Dealer Network

Here at Medix Specialty Vehicles, we know how important it is to surround yourself with a dependable and trustworthy team. Our own employees are the backbone of our operations, so we need dealers around the country who are just as reliable and experienced in the emergency vehicle industry to promote and sell Medix Ambulances.

Those dealers who understand the value of the product and the income potential are highly successful, selling 40-60 units per year in the middle market sector. We encourage all potential dealers to consider this commitment and strategy when looking into becoming a Medix dealer. As a dealership, you also must be focused on ambulance sales, be able to purchase and maintain demo units, have a floor plan to support sales and deliveries, and you must have both sales and service capabilities.

What are the benefits of becoming a Medix ambulance dealer?

  • Medix offers the most competitive, high quality product in the industry: The Medix ambulance line offers high quality emergency vehicles at the most competitive price point. Our ambulances are always dependable and affordable.
  • Medix ambulances have a reasonable product delivery time compared to competitors: With a lead time of 90-120 days, Medix can deliver on the vehicle your customer has ordered within 3-4 months, which is A LOT faster than most of our competitors.
  • Enjoy a relaxed and open working relationship with Medix employees: Becoming a dealer for Medix Specialty Vehicles is becoming a part of our ever-expanding family. We will work with you through big deals, warranty claims, or special requests. Our door is always open to our dealers and we always encourage an open and honest two-way communication.
  • Parts and accessories are readily available for dealers: To ensure we are always prepared for warranty claims and issues with customers’ trucks, Medix keeps parts and accessories in stock and ready to ship for repairs and refurbishment requests.

Ready to take the next step to becoming a Medix Specialty Vehicle, Inc. dealer?

With eleven current dealerships across the country, we are always looking to expand our reach with new, reliable dealerships. If you are interested in joining us, please contact us today. We will follow up with you directly to discuss the criteria to become a Medix ambulance dealer and to further confirm your ability to join our team and be successful.