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Medix ME-153 Type I Ambulance to Clayton FD 0

Congratulations to the City of Clayton FD on their new Medix ME-153 Type I Ambulance!

Dealer/Sales Representative:  Southwest Ambulance Sales and Service * Bobby Davis

Customer:  City of Clayton Fire Department * Clayton, NM

Medix Model: Medix ME-153 Type I Ambulance on Ford F-450 chassis.

Delivery: December 2017

Details and Features:  Custom graphics.  Buell dual air horns.  Whelen LED dome lights.  Whelen LED emergency, brake/tail, turn and back-up lighting.  Whelen LED scene/load lights.  Kussmaul 20A Super Auto-eject shoreline.  Vanner 20-1050CUL inverter.  ACC HVAC system with external condenser.  Custom interior cabinetry.  Stryker Performance Load system.

Richard Hamilton

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