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Medix Specialty Vehicles 2017 Kickoff Press Release 0

Medix Specialty Vehicles Closes the Books on the Best Year Yet and Continues to Expand!

As we begin 2017, we wanted to take a minute to recognize the strides Medix made last year. We produced over 700 ambulances in 2016 and want to express a HUGE thank you to our employees, our valued dealer partners and our loyal customers. We opened Plant 3, which increased our efficiency and production capacity while enabling us to unveil our new vehicle delivery room. We owe the success of last year to you and look forward to 2017 being even better!!
As 2017 starts, don’t think for a minute that we are wasting any time patting ourselves on the back. We have officially acquired the property next door to us expanding the Medix manufacturing footprint to approximately 92,000 square feet and 10 acres. We are positioned to expand to serve you more efficiently. We were founded, in 2001, on the simple principle of doing the right thing and taking care of our customers. That has surely resonated with our core market as we continue to deliver the Quality and Innovation you expect from us.
2017 will also see our MSVII product offering expand. Look for the soon to be released MSVII 160” Type I. Talk to your Sales representative to get more details, prints, base builds and release dates!!
We look forward to our continued partnership in 2017 and we will fulfill our part by delivering the Quality, Innovation and Value you expect from Medix Specialty Ambulance.
Scott D. Cummings
VP – Dealer Development
Medix Specialty Vehicles
Medix Specialty Vehicles is an industry leader in the manufacturing of Type I, Type II and Type III ambulances serving both the private and professional Fire/EMS services markets. Since 2001, Medix Specialty Vehicles has produced one of the highest quality, best valued ambulances in the industry. You can learn more about Medix Specialty Vehicles on our web site located at or by contacting us at 888-988-4090.

  • Phase I Plant 1-1-2sm
  • Phase II Plant 2-1-2sm
  • Medix Plant 3 First Day-1sm
  • Pafford Arkansas PC-90-1-4sm
  • Pafford Arkansas PC-90-1-13sm
  • Panhandle EMS 170 T3-1-6sm
  • Paratech Type III 150-1-4sm
  • Plainwell RP90ES-1-9SM
  • Ponca City Fire 150 TI Ford-1-13sm
  • Raton Fire 150 TI Chevy-1-7sm
  • Red River 170 T1 MSV-II-1-1sm
  • Rowan County 170 T-III-1-7sm
  • Sacred Cross RP-90ES-1-3sm
  • SMCAS – 166-1-11sm
  • St Chris Childrens ME 166 (25)sm
  • UNM Lifeguard MSV-II Type 1-1-2sm
  • UNM Lifeguard MSV-II Type 1-1-13sm
  • Bert’s Type I 170 Demo-1-6sm
  • Cal-re RP90 Type 3-1-5sm
  • Cumberland Goodwill RP90ES-1-1sm
  • Douglas County MSV II Type 3 170-1-4sm
  • East Brookfield FD Type 1 170 (13)sm
  • Exceptional Transit-1-11sm
  • Foster Type I 170 Demo-1-15sm
  • Laguna Pueblo TI 150-1-1sm
  • Leland Twp 166 Type 3-1-3sm
  • LifeCare 150 Type 3-1-10sm
  • Livingston County MSV-II-1-1SM
  • Livingston County MSV-II-1-10SM
  • Marion County Transit-1-1sm
  • Paducah K3500 150-1-10sm
  • Medix ModLine-1SM
  • Medix Plant 3 First Day-1-11sm
  • Medix Plant 3 First Day-1-3sm
  • Medix Plant 3 First Day-1-13sm

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Phase I Plant 1-1-2smPhase II Plant 2-1-2smMedix Plant 3 First Day-1smPafford Arkansas PC-90-1-4smPafford Arkansas PC-90-1-13smPanhandle EMS 170 T3-1-6smParatech Type III 150-1-4smPlainwell RP90ES-1-9SMPonca City Fire 150 TI Ford-1-13smRaton Fire 150 TI Chevy-1-7smRed River 170 T1 MSV-II-1-1smRowan County 170 T-III-1-7smSacred Cross RP-90ES-1-3smSMCAS – 166-1-11smSt Chris Childrens ME 166 (25)smUNM Lifeguard MSV-II Type 1-1-2smUNM Lifeguard MSV-II Type 1-1-13smBert’s Type I 170 Demo-1-6smCal-re RP90 Type 3-1-5smCumberland Goodwill RP90ES-1-1smDouglas County MSV II Type 3 170-1-4smEast Brookfield FD Type 1 170 (13)smExceptional Transit-1-11smFoster Type I 170 Demo-1-15smLaguna Pueblo TI 150-1-1smLeland Twp 166 Type 3-1-3smLifeCare 150 Type 3-1-10smLivingston County MSV-II-1-1SMLivingston County MSV-II-1-10SMMarion County Transit-1-1smPaducah K3500 150-1-10smMedix ModLine-1SMMedix Plant 3 First Day-1-11smMedix Plant 3 First Day-1-3smMedix Plant 3 First Day-1-13sm

Richard Hamilton

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