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Client Testimonials

At Medix, customer satisfaction is our top priority.  We work hard to make sure that the details are correct when you take delivery of your new ambulance. Our experienced employees provide our dedicated dealers and customers with the quality and dependability the Fire/EMS industry demands. Check out the testimonials below, and if you have had an experience with Medix, feel free to share it by submitting a testimonial today. Whether your experience was good or bad, we love to hear from customers and understand what we are doing right and how we can improve our vehicles and our processes.

From Captain Charles Silverstein / Whitestone Community Volunteer Ambulance Service

November 6th, 2017

To whom it may concern,

I have been running the Whitestone Community Volunteer Ambulance Service  for seven  years.  As with running any business, a volunteer EMS service is a frustrating,  difficult  and  rewarding  adventure.  The highlights  of running  a service should  be special  events,  ceremonies  and  new apparatus  acquisitions.

In 2014, our service received a large donation to fund a new ambulance and the committee that was in charge ordering the ambulance dealt with a company in Long Island. The final product was delivered half a year late, grossly over budget and of low quality workmanship. This should have been one of the highlights of my time as the Captain, but it was absolutely the opposite. The service provided by that company was below mediocre and the ambulance is plagued with problems still. I swore that if we were ever in a position to order a  new ambulance, I would personally handle the matter.

After a few years of efforts, we received funding via a DASNY grant from NYS Assemblyman Braunstein for a new ambulance. We contacted every ambulance dealer that we could find in our region, some  were enthusiastic, some were competitive, most just wanted a deposit and a contract signed quickly. When we called VCI Emergency Vehicle Specialists we found someone entirely different in Peter Caliendo. Peter was enthusiastic and attentive to our specific needs. He explored pricing on many models available and gave us a  real education on ambulances. We ultimately settled on a 2017 Medix RP-90 MR which seemed to be a high quality fleet vehicle, priced well and still customizable. Peter worked with us over several months to customize the ambulance layout prior to even asking to sign a contract or for a deposit and when were ready we signed a contract and gave a small deposit.

In the months that followed  I  received  constant  updates  from  Peter  and  we  even  made  some  changes,  we worked  out custom  graphics  and  we were  in constant  communication.  Dealing with  VCI and  Peter Caliendo  was a pleasure. The ambulance was delivered from the Medix factory  right  on  time  and  we  inspected  it  at  VCI, brought equipment for installation and we  ultimately  received  the  best  quality  ambulance  any of  us  have  ever dealt with, with all equipment installed and ready for use.  The  Medix  RP-90  MR may  be  a fleet vehicle  but it looks, feels and operates like a true custom rig that should cost twice what it did.

All of the credit really goes to Peter Caliendo for handling our every need, and all questions and concerns. There were problems with the grant, funding was delayed for almost 3 months and Peter and VCI were very patient, understanding  and cooperative.

I am certain that we will never  buy an  ambulance  from  anyone  other  than  VCI  Emergency  Vehicle Specialists and we will never  deal with  anyone  other than  Peter  Caliendo.   VCI will now also be handling the maintenance   of all of our  ambulances  from  here on forward.

Peter Caliendo is more than a salesman, he is a true friend to our service, VCI is now a huge part of our future and Medix is now the only brand of ambulance for us.


Captain & Chief Operations Officer


From: Antonio Lopez, LP / Fire Chief Weslaco Fire Department, EMS

I am very pleased to have the opportunity of providing a reference for Medix Specialty Vehicles and Southwest Ambulance Sales following a professional relationship for the last 2 1/2 years. I am the Fire Chief of the Weslaco Fire Department located in Deep South Texas which is building a Medix Ambulance Fleet. Our department runs approx. 8500 calls a year with 6000+calls being EMS. Mr. Robert Buffington has been our sales representative for the past 2 1/2 years assisted our agencies move into an ambulance that can meet and exceed the demands our Fire Department Paramedics place on our units. Our Department which has operated numerous types of Ambulances makes since 1980, has recently chose to change the complete fleet to Medix Ambulances. Our fleet has been operating 2 new 2016 Ford F-450’s Ambulance (170) and 1 new 2016 F-350 Ford Ambulances (150) Medix Ambulances which are in service. Since the placement of the new ambulances in service our crews have not stopped talking of the strength, customization, and the attention to details that go into the building of these Ambulances. Our Department will be ordering a 4th ambulance this month and is on schedule for orders every December for the next 4 years as part of our Apparatus Replacement Program. Medix Specialty Vehicles and Southwest Ambulance Sales was able to build the Weslaco Fire Department custom ambulances within budget and within time frame. The landscape of the Rio Grande Valley in south Texas has changes and Medix Specialty Vehicles and Southwest Ambulance Sales are currently in the 3 biggest EMS agencies fleets. With a proven sales team, service after the sale and customization and attention to detail, this has made it easy for us to make the change to a new fleet of Medix Ambulances.

Should you need any more information, please feel free to contact me at my office, (956) 447-3415

Antonio Lopez; Fir Weslaco Fire Department


“We have recently purchased and taken delivery of a Medix MSV II ambulance from Bert’s Emergency Vehicles, Blackstone, MA.

Our sales person was Jeff Wilson, retired Oxford, MA Fire Chief. Jeff has been very helpful throughout the process of purchasing the vehicle. Although this vehicle was not a “custom built” truck for East Brookfield, Jeff was able to present us with the very viable option of this particular unit versus the custom unit we were looking for. The unit had nearly every option we had specified in our bid, and the options that were not in the unit were either able to be added prior to delivery or options that we determined were not absolutely necessary to the operation of the service. Please be very confident that at no point where we ever pressured to not purchase the vehicle we specified. When presented with the unit we thoroughly reviewed our written specifications against the included options determined that the unit was absolutely the correct fit for East Brookfield.

Jeff has been and continues to be very helpful with the truck. We are very pleased with the ambulance over all. I am also very appreciative of the ongoing communication between our Fire Chief, myself and Jeff.

I have had dealings with Bert’s Emergency Vehicles in the past and have always been served well by them. Jeff is a gentleman whom I have known for many years through my involvement in the Fire Service. I have every confidence that Jeff, Lucien and any other member of Bert’s Emergency Vehicles will be able to assist us with any questions or concerns we may have with our new ambulance.”

Joshua McCrillis
Assistant Chief of Fire Prevention,
Ambulance Coordinator
East Brookfield, MA

“I am the Administrator of Port Chester-Rye-Rye Brook Emergency Medical Services. Our service is a career organization handling over 5,500 emergency calls each year, for a population of over 70,000. Our company is shared by two villages and one city in Westchester County, N.Y. In 2005 our local hospital shut down and we have been forced to travel many extra miles to bring our patients to neighboring hospitals. The amount of miles we put on our ambulances has increased by 200-300%.

I am writing this letter on behalf of the Medix ambulance product, which we now purchased exclusively. Our service has owned many other makes and models of ambulances since its inception in 1968 and we have found the Medix product to be an extremely reliable and reasonably priced vehicle. Currently we have two of them and are in the process of purchasing our third, in less than 1 year. The Medix ambulance has held up well to the wear and tear that a busy system can put on an ambulance.

As far as salesmen go, I do not trust many, and I have found Peter Caliendo to be honest, open and forthcoming when we purchase his products. I can say, without hesitation, that Pete “tells it like it is” and takes his time to get to know his customers and their needs. Our service finds no need to deal with anyone else. Should you prefer to discuss this in person please, don’t hesitate to call, it would be my pleasure.”

Scott T. Moore, EMS Administrator
Port Chester-Rye-Rye Brook Emergency Medical Services
Port Chester, NY

“During the past eight years, Exceptional Medical Transport has purchased over twenty five Medix ambulances.  What we’ve found is that Medix Specialty Vehicles builds an ‘Exceptional’ product, provides ‘Excellent’ customer service and support and does it all at a very reasonable price. I truly appreciate the partnership we have and the friends we’ve made at Medix.”

Paul M. Jakuboski, General Manager
Exceptional Medical Transportation
West Berlin, NJ

“LifeCare Medical Transports, Inc. operates a fleet of vehicles that must be built for maximum performance, durability and efficiency.  Medix Specialty Vehicles is a partner of choice based on their ability to meet our design and operation objectives not to mention the support we receive in our shop after the sale.  We require a minimum of downtime in all of our units and the vehicles we purchase from Medix fit that requirement year after year.”

Kevin Dillard, President
Lifecare Medical Transports – Virginia

Our Family has been purchasing ambulances for over 80 years.  For the last 15 of those 80 years we have purchased several these from Medix.  We have purchased Type IIs as well as Type IIIs, utilizing Fords, Mercedes and Chevrolet chassis.   From the time the order process begins, through production and delivery we have found the Team at Medix to be extremely professional, adaptive, and cooperative.  After delivery, we have been very pleased with the follow-up services provided by their staff.  We have only had a few issues with the vehicles and when we did Medix was quick to respond; always standing behind their product.  We have found Medix to be well priced and a favorable return on our investments.  We truly have enjoyed our relationship with David Wood and the rest of the Medix team.  

Gary T. Miller Chief, Executive Officer
PROMPT Ambulance Service, Inc.